Tookeez is open to all trading partners to start a new cycle of frugal, fair and equitable growth.

More than a transaction ecosystem

A state of mind

Tookeez is first of all a state of mind. It aims to create an ethical climate and rehabilitate the notion of merit in world trade, particularly in Africa. So conceived, Tookeez aims to be the key to frugal growth on its continent and in the world.

Hitherto unexplored universes

Endless ideas

By connecting the producer directly to the buyer, Tookeez puts the distribution of wealth back in its rightful place. Thanks to its transactional solutions, Tookeez guarantees speed, reliability and security, with ease, from his phone.

An environment for each and everyone

Really for everyone

Producer, buyer, trader, distributor, financier, farmer, craftsman, artist, transporter, host, athlete ... Wherever you are, wherever you come from, wherever you go, Tookeez has a place for you.

Blockchain technology

Tookeez is built on a blockchain technology, worthy of the most widespread and reliable digital values at the global level, without any net creation of money, thanks to a reserve system correlated to the currencies in force by country and by central bank.

Open source development - Join the adventure

Are you a developer? You imagined an application requiring secure transactions. Tookeez is the solution.